At what age are alcopops no longer age appropriate?

At what age is an alcopop no longer appropriate? These are the hard hitting questions I ask myself (I get it I must have a lot on my plate!)

I feel like at some point in your life, without being told, subconsciously, you realise that your not going to be taken seriously holding a bottle of what can only be described as looking like smurf p**s!

Is it the sugar? Let’s face it our bodies aren’t breaking that stuff down like it used to (although I don’t seem to mind when I’m knee deep into a lemon drizzle!)

Is it a different hangover. We start to categorise hangovers at a certain point which makes drinking choices harder e.g I’m relitavely functional on a gin hangover where as a wine hangover turns me into the anti christ for 3 days following?

Either way I don’t seem to see anyone over the age of 19 holding an alcopop anymore. When did we become ‘too old’ and more to the point WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!!!

I think the below is a perfect representation of where I’m going with this….

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