If my dreams are a representation of my mental state then I’ve lost it!

I don’t know about anyone else but I wake up more tired than when I went to bed!

I literally have the most bizarre dreams that seem so real and seem to have absolutely no relevance to anything ever!

I am also that person that the meme refers to. If I dream that my fiancée cheated on me I genuinely can’t look at him in the morning! The level of outrage I feel that he would EVER do THAT to me is unreal. I can’t separate the fact it was a dream because I saw it with my own eyes (kind of). He will literally wake up and say “morning babe” to be met with “DO NOT SPEAK TO ME!”. I explain what he did. He looks at me like I’m mental. He laughs. My rage grows. We don’t talk until I’ve rationalised which is usually about an hour into getting to work and thinking about nothing else!

This, for once, is not a case of ‘double standards’. If I’ve had a ‘disloyalty dream’ shall we say 😂 I can’t look at him. He will ask what’s wrong over and over until I blurt out “I CHEATED ON YOU!” He looks at me with confusion which is the response to most things I say in which I speedily tell him about my dream, how sorry I am and how bad I feel. He normally laughs and walks off.

I used to have a recurring dream when I was at school that I would turn up without my skirt on. Fully dressed except I just had pants on but only noticed once I’ve got to school. The same applied to no shoes. I’d walk into the playground with nothing on my feet. I remember I would wake up and still be mortified all morning even though it never actually happened.

It would appear since an early age I’ve really let dreams affect me. It would also appear with age they have become a thousand times more bizarre. Oh and yes I am 100% that person who Googles their dreams in the morning looking for all the answers to my semi conscious woes.

To summarise. I think I’ve lost it! Let me know if you have any weird dreams. Especially those recurring ones that won’t go away. 💭 😴

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