A list of random???

I am that annoying person that questions absolutely everything! Below is a list of hard-hitting questions that bother me so much!

  1. Why are toastie makers not designed to fit a real-life piece of bread in? Who wants a toastie where the outside bits are just bread? Make them bigger PLEASE! I want the entire surface area of my bread toasted not just the bits that I can squash into the maker!
  2. Why do supermarkets make microwave meals with a ‘peel off’ lid that just doesn’t peel? Do you know the pain of stabbing that pierced film to try and get a corner and then pulling that little bit you painstakingly managed to free only for it to drop in your food? You then proceed to pull it out with your fingers which now have no fingerprints left due to them being burnt off only to peel the film away and cause further burning to anything that comes into contact with the volcanic steam pouring out?!
  3. Why do checkout cashiers ask me if I need help packing in the middle of me already packing? I’m clearly capable, I’m literally doing it right in front of you! Please don’t throw the fact I can’t even pack bags well in my face!
  4. Why does Ryanair have a round of applause when you land on time? It’s your job to get from A to B in the time YOU specified. I don’t get a round of applause every time I do my job!
  5. Why can’t all phone chargers be the same? I’m sick of going to someone’s house and running out of battery and not being able to charge my phone because I refuse to become part of the iPhone cult!
  6. Why do you have to take out a mortgage to go to the cinema? The cinema expenses have become an absolute joke and that’s not me being tight. You’re literally looking at £50 a trip because turning down a Tango Ice Blast is absolute madness and of course I’m going to need nachos!
  7. Why is clothing size so varied? How are we meant to know what size we are when we can range from about 3 different sizes depending on the shop. Can there not be a standard guideline to follow to make shopping a little less of an ordeal than it already is?
  8. Why do online shops send an item the size of my thumb in a box the size of the Eiffel tower? Surely it’s not cost effective? Why get my hopes up that I’ve been sent a package full of goodies when in reality my tweezers have arrived?!

I’m sure we all have a million Why questions so feel free to comment yours. Maybe together we can get to the bottom of all of this!

1 Comment

  1. Nachos at the movies are the best! However, there’s this cheap little theater ten miles from my house and it has the big tray of real chips with the really gross nacho cheese they pour all over the top (ya’ know, the DELICIOUS kind) and it’s all just ghetto and fabulous. However, the big, fancy theater in the town in the other direction has nachos that are like Tostitos in a little bag with this little tub of nasty nacho cheese with the peel back lid and they cost twice as much. What the fuck?! Rubs my ass sideways.


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