Ok firstly if you are considering going to the shops on 23rd November id like to ask if you are ok?

I’ve never understood people turning up to a shop at 5am to queue outside for hours in the freezing cold to get a fiver off a toaster! Ok so maybe the savings are slightly bigger than that even so I’m not prepared to get my head kicked in over a Hitachi!

I fully understand when coming up to Christmas a lot of families struggle with the financial strain of this time of year and are looking for a bargain on toys etc but I guarantee your dental appointment to fix the 3 teeth that were kicked out whilst trying to get a deal on a fidget spinner will be much more expensive!!!! Not to mention having to explain to the moms at school why you have a black eye and a fat lip.


This is something we never used to have in the UK but like a lot of things we adopted it and claimed it as our own like us Brits do!

I believe this began in America. The Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on 22nd November this year where they have a lovely meal with their loved ones with ALL the trimmings and spend the day talking about what they’re thankful for. Literally 24 hours later they trample each other in stores across the country to get yet more stuff! That thankful attitude didn’t last long!


Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE a bargain! Having said that id say near enough every store who will have black Friday sales on will also be doing the same online so save your time, effort and teeth and hit the online sales if you want to save some ££££.

Amazon has some great Black Friday deals on loads of things, even Groupon are giving discounts on top of discounts.

If you do decide to go to Asda at 6am on Friday please know you will be in my thoughts. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


may the odds be in your favour




  1. As an American, I have to point out that you got it wrong. It’s not 24 hours later. These damn stores here start that crap at midnight or before Thanksgiving night. It’s gotten completely out of control. LOL However, if you stay away from stores on Black Friday, every other place, like the movie theater, restaurants, etc. are lovely because no one else is there because they’re all too busy getting stabbed in the kidney over a T.V. deal at Best Buy. LOL

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